writing endeavors.

As a writer, I've explored a variety of topics, and styles. Here are some examples.


Since April of 2020, I've been freelance ghostwriting for multiple online publications, and YouTube channels. Contact me for additional samples or reference requests.

An Overview of Common ADHD Symptoms in Toddlers

Published with Mind Diagnosis

While taking a detailed look into what ADHD is, and its effects, this article explores how ADHD manifests itself in toddlers.

How To Spot The Projection Defense Mechanism

Published with Regain.Us

A comprehensive understanding of the projection defense mechanism, and ideas for how to handle it.

Is BetterHelp Changing Therapy Forever?

Published with Qrius

A look into how online counseling is making a difference in today's world.

The Best Natural Skin Care Remedies For Older Women

Published with Fiera Cosmetics

All about the most necessary, and natural anti-aging skin care solutions.

My Girlfriend Hates Me: How To Overcome Difficult Relationship Issues

Published with Regain.Us

An evaluation of the different ways people communicate romantically, and suggestions for overcoming relationship strife.

Make Your Instagram Stand Out With These Top 10 Management Tools

Published with LeoBoost

A list of helpful apps to plan creative content, and increase personal social media marketing skills.

How To Feel Beautiful Inside And Out At Any Age

Published with Fiera Cosmetics

A pro-age way to think about beauty, and advice to feel confident in your own skin.

Addison Rae COMES FORWARD After Being Called Out For Her Past?!

Published with Miss Petty

(YouTube Voiceover Script - 260k views)

A chronological look at TikTok celebrity Addison Rae's recent drama.

How To Make An At-Home Spa With These Self-Care Tools

Published with Fiera Cosmetics

Suggestions to achieve the most relaxing self care day.

Make Your Instagram Stand Out: 6 Tips And Tricks For Musicians And Producers

Published with LeoBoost

A few ways for musicians and producers to utilize Instagram for next level network growth.

creative writing.

A peek into more personal projects.

Maria Mantequilla

A full length play

February 26th 2020, I had the first table read for my historically fictional play "Maria Mantequilla." 


"A young woman writing her way through the Dominican Republic in 1942, and her granddaughter getting to know her after she's gone."


The play is based on 52 letters my family found that my grandma wrote home from the Dominican Republic as a 22 year old journalist, and my experience reading the letters after her passing. 

A Window In

Quarantine Photojournalism Project

Also referenced under my photography projects.

"Right now, we fear the things we cannot see; be it the virus, the future or a smile. Therefore, I am choosing to believe. To believe that we are taking care of each other. And to believe that a smile can still exist behind a mask, even when we can't see it. 

With my 200mm lens, I was able to photograph friends and family from 6+ feet away, from the comfort of their own front lawns, serving as a reminder to trust the eyes: a window in.

Additionally, I asked each individual: "What makes you smile on a bad day in quarantine?" 

A Lovin' Spoonful

Published with Eat, Darling, Eat

March 12th 2020 "Eat, Darling, Eat" published a lighthearted story I wrote about how tea time takes three.