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Review Quotes

"I LOVE it and am soooooo proud of you." 

—my mom

"BITCCCCH IT'S SO GOOD. Dudddeee I just read it all. Couldn't stop. 

—my roommate

Product Details

Publication date
January 2023

Number of pages

5 Years UnPlanned:
thoughts from my shower and other quiet places
by Fiona Winch


I’ve never had a 5 year plan… in fact, I've never believed in the concept at all—and it shows.

With 50+ relatively unedited poems, notes, personal entries, lists, emails, and a short story written between 2017-2022, 5 Years UnPlanned chronicles the life and thoughts of a young artist navigating early adulthood in NYC.  

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$20.00 + $5.00 for *shipping. 

Click the link below to complete the order form and select your payment method to complete your purchase. Valid purchase will be fulfilled and shipped in January.

*Shipping available to the U.S. only

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