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I've explored narrative non-fiction, theatrical, and expository styles of writing though personal works and professional freelance opportunities. With 100+ long-form articles ghostwritten and 60+ feature profile pieces written for the North Brooklyn publication Greenpointers, you'll find some examples sampled here.

visual stories

5 Years UnPlanned, a print literary magazine I wrote and designed to chronicle my life and thoughts from 2017-2022 as a young artist navigating early adulthood in NYC.

A Window In, a photojournalism project I created during times of quarantine.


Maria Mantequilla

A Full-Length Play:

February 26th, 2020, I had the first table read for my historically fictional play "Maria Mantequilla" at The Growing Studio. 


"A young woman writing her way through the Dominican Republic in 1942, and her granddaughter getting to know her after she's gone."


The play is based on 52 letters my family found that my grandma wrote home from the Dominican Republic as a 22-year-old journalist, and my experience reading the letters after her passing.

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